On behalf of the Broward County Medical Association, BCMA President Dr. Shahnaz Fatteh, and BCMA CEO Cynthia Peterson, I want to thank you for visiting our homepage for Broward County’s Medical Reserve Corps. 

I am Dr. Warren Sturman, our Unit Leader.

The Broward County Medical Association, in partnership with the Broward Mayor’s Office, the Department of Health and the Emergency Operations Center, is serving as the lead organization charged with recruiting, credentialing and managing health care volunteers throughout Broward County. 

The purpose is to organize and rapidly provide volunteers (doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and other health care professionals) to assist the local Department of Health and other municipal partners in providing for the urgent medical needs of our community. 

Having trained for and served in healthcare, you are a valuable asset to our community, especially in this time of need.  If you are able to, please take a moment to volunteer now.  

I thank you for your willingness to become part of the solution and serve our community. 

Warren Sturman,  MD
Unit Leader
Broward County Medical Reserve Corps.